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Indecon concluded World Bank-project of assisting Uzbekistan Railways (UTY) through Preparation of logistic, marketing strategy and institutional development of the company

Uzbekistan Railways (JSC Uzbekiston Temir Yullari “UTY”) has attracted funding from the World Bank to realize the Pap-Angren connection that will provide for a reliable connection between the Fergana valley and the rest of the country. To realize the full operational potential and pursue break-even financial performance in their operations UTY cannot rely on merely providing the railway infrastructure, but has to operate commercially and make use of its full capacity. The Railway Company has to put greater focus on the customer and their needs and explore ways of how to increase its competitiveness in order to attract additional customer groups and allow for a shift from road to rail as well as from other corridors to the use of the Pap-Angren line.


The consortium led by indecon provided consultancy services regarding logistics/supply chain management, the analysis of current and future transport demand, a Marketing Strategy including support to establish a Lead Marketing Unit as well as financial management.