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Public Procurement Workshop Successfully Concluded in Tashkent

Indecon delivered two workshops of two-days duration each for the National Agency for Project Management (NAPM) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on (a) public procurement and (b) real estate permits and licensing on 2. and 3. May 2018. Lecturers were from indecon and the German Federal Ministry of Finance as well as related authorities. Objective of the workshops was to review the recently adopted Law on Public Procurement, the coordination deliverables allocated to NAPM, and to present the related German and European practical experience.

The topics covered on public procurement included among others the legal framework governing public procurement in Germany and in Europe, international standards and practices in transition economies, detailed procedures, compliance issues (white and black lists), as well as e-Procurement.

The real estate workshop addressed NAPM’s new coordination tasks in the field of licensing and issuing permits in planning and construction. Furthermore, the respective German and European experience on technical regulations, licensing and procedures on permit issuance in the real estate sector were presented and discussed.

The workshops were attended by high-ranking representatives of NAPM, various ministries, state and municipal authorities and large enterprises. At the end of the workshop the participants received a participation certificate.

Fotos from the event: