Indecon Consulting

[Nepal] – Study Tour on SME Taxation

Assignment Name

Study tour on SME Taxation for a delegation from the Ministry of Finance of Nepal


Germany; Nepal

Total Value

Small (< EUR 100K)




Support to the Nepalese Inland Revenue Department (IRD), a department under the Ministry of Finance of Nepal, conceptualizing and organizing a study tour to Germany on “SME taxation”. Objective of the study tour was to support the SME working group of the IRD in the preparation of tax reforms in Nepal and to enhance its ability to develop policy recommendations to the Ministry of Finance of Nepal. The study tour comprised a mix of official visits to authorities on federal and regional level responsible for tax policy development and implementation as well as tax administration. These visits were subsequently supported by training workshops designed and delivered by the consultant meant to provide in-depth view and understanding of the addressed topics.

Type of Services Provided

  • Conceptualization of the program for the study tour
  • Preparation of the content to be conveyed in the context of workshops
  • Organization of meetings with authorities relevant for understanding the taxation system
  • Moderating discussions with officials from relevant public authorities and private sector experts to enabled an in-depth comparison of the German and Nepalese tax systems
  • Supporting the identification of concepts and practices adoptable in the Nepalese system