Indecon Consulting

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Acquisitions and divestitures may present excellent business opportunities for many companies, but only if handled wisely. Successful acquisitions and divestitures are built upon careful planning and the effective implementation of many interrelated activities. The reasons for such business operations are numerous:

  • To accelerate growth
  • To increase market share
  • To utilise resources and manpower more efficiently
  • To improve cash flow
  • To expand product lines, markets or customer coverage

Many factors influence the success of such business undertakings. indecon guides its clients through the process to create the necessary synergies in the case of acquisition, and to maximise the sale value inthe case of divestiture. Our consulting services in this field include:

  • Strategy development
  • Identification and evaluation of acquisition candidates and of potential buyers
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Negotiation support
  • Development of financial solutions
  • Determining market values
  • Preparation of sales presentations
  • Completing transactions
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of tax impacts
  • Review of company´s business operations

We provide our clients with detailed expertise in performing acquisitions and divestiture transactions. We combine hands-on experience with strong analytical capabilities and strategic advice.