Indecon Consulting

Interim Management

Interim Management (IM) is the supply of highly-qualified senior professionals at short notice to perform specific roles for a predetermined length of time. Interim managers might be chosen because the role in question is not a permanent position or because someone with the necessary qualifications and experience cannot be found fast enough. IM enables short-term tailor-made solutions for companies facing challenges of all kinds:

Change Management

  • In the case that assistance with the assessment, management or integration of the venture is needed.
  • If the objectivity of an external change agent is needed to drive processes of rationalising, downsizing or restructuring.
  • Or, if an organisation is embarking on a major programme of cultural change and needs a change manager to mentor existing management through the implementation.

Project Management

  • If a major initiative is planned, and the required specialist skills are not available in-house.
  • In case a project cannot be accommodated within the workload of the existing management team.
  • Or, if an enterprise is expanding into previously untapped overseas markets and needs people with the local knowledge, linguistic skills and cultural ability to operate in those markets.

Gap Management

  • In the case of loss of a senior executive (for example, through resignation or dismissal), and the need of someone with the right skills and experience pending the recruitment of a permanent replacement.
  • Or, when there is a need for temporary cover for a key executive who will be absent for some time due to illness, a sabbatical or maternity leave.


Interim managers offer considerable advantages:

Speed and Flexibility

Our interim managers are available to start within days, with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities. By providing a flexible management structure and maintaining cost effectiveness they improve our client´s competitiveness.

Experience and knowledge transfer

Interim managers are often overqualified for the assigned work. This enables them to be effective from day one. They can transfer a huge amount of skill, contacts and experience to our client´s team, which in itself can represent a sustainable benefit.

Focus on delivery of results

For interim managers track record and performance really count. They are used to being judged by results so they know how to deliver, especially under pressure.


While sensitive to the company´s ethos, they will not be constrained by company politics, personalities or protocols.

Minimum risk

By target-oriented employment of interim managers, companies are in a position to improve their competitiveness through the leasing of the required expertise at the right moment and for the time necessary.