Indecon Consulting


Effective procurement is of key importance to private businesses and public institutions alike. We work with clients from both sectors to help them streamline their processes and ensure maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency throughout.

In particular, we specialise in the following areas:

  • Public Sector Procurement
  • Corporate Procurement
  • Payables and Procurement Recovery Auditing

Public sector procurement has gained increasing importance in international development cooperation over the last few years. Donors are increasingly accompanying grants with a requirement for the beneficiary to accept procurement technical assistance contracts. These call for practical hands-on assistance to certify compliance with the procurement procedures of the donor. indecon ensures that public procurement law is consistent with international standards, e.g. EU public procurement law. It further ensures that the necessary institutions in charge of implementing the law are in place, and that there are sufficient trained personnel capable of applying the law. Finally, indecon offers help in implementing any new measures that maybe required.

Services related to public procurement

  • Reviewing public procurement law and aligning it with EU law
  • Supporting the creation of a state body to supervise the implementation of the public procurement law
  • Training public procurement officials and other stakeholders (auditors, potential suppliers etc.)
  • Disseminating information about public procurement to a wider public, e.g. through web site development
  • Preparing standard bidding documents
  • Drafting technical guidance manuals for public procurement officials
  • Developing codes for ethical procurement
  • Developing a cadre of public procurement trainers to enhance the sustainability of public procurement capacity
  • Establishing pilot e-procurement systems
  • Implementing IT infrastructure to support the above activities

This assistance is often required throughout the procurement process and can include such tasks as

  • Pre-tender market research
  • Advertising tender opportunities
  • Organising supplier forums
  • Determining offer process/timetable
  • Developing short lists and award criteria
  • Preparing calls for expression of interest
  • Establishing short lists
  • Preparing offer documentation and service specifications
  • Selecting service providers
  • Negotiating and awarding contracts

There is often a need to guide senior management and other stakeholders (staff, internal and external customers, potential suppliers, politicians, auditors, etc.) through the process, acting as sounding board and, if necessary, managing conflicts between stakeholder interests.

Corporate Procurement

In the private sector, we develop client-specific strategies to improve the performance, capabilities and organisation of the respective procurement system. Depending on particular requirements, our approach usually includes:

  • Reviewing the purchasing processes - from needs definition, strategic sourcing to call-off
  • Analysing and segmenting enterprise expenditures
  • Assessing potential savings and improvement opportunities

On the basis of the information gathered we compile a written report that benchmarks the client´s performance against best practice. This report also contains prioritised recommendations to improve the sourcing process (as a whole and within the main purchasing categories) as well as for the development of staff-training programmes.

indecon not only delivers assessments and reviews of procurement systems, but also supports clients in implementing measures to improve their corporate procurement. We develop tailored solutions that generate measurable results and create added value for our clients by eliminating previous weaknesses and deficiencies. Furthermore, our systematic approach enables efficient knowledge transfer that results in sustainable improvement.

Our services include:

  • Managing the change process
  • Assisting in implementing improvement measures
  • Evaluating Cost-levels
  • Supporting the procurement process and ensuring contract compliance
  • Training staff
  • Establishing performance monitoring systems
  • Implementing e-business solutions
  • Restructuring the organisation if necessary
  • Payables and Procurement Recovery Auditing

Procurement Recovery Auditing

In addition to improving future procurement, we can also help clients to recuperate lost money by analysing past creditors and recovering cash. Working with client records, we can:

  • Identify and document suppliers´ accounts receivables (based on contractual agreements and their realisation)
  • Audit all suppliers regarding their correctness in settlement terms as agreed on in contracts and other arrangements with our client´s purchasing department
  • Audit all invoices regarding double and surplus payments
  • Audit the complete accounting system and identify weak spots

We offer independent, external expert knowledge at both the company and sector level, and apply proven methods of auditing. Only the most recent years with final financial statements are subject to auditing. As a matter of course, we guarantee confidentiality and all our employees are sworn to secrecy.

Our approach offers considerable advantages for our clients:

  • We provide a fast auditing
  • We work exclusively on a success basis (i.e. no costs for the client)
  • The client does not need to put in time or money