Indecon Consulting

[Albania] – Public Administration / European Integration

Assignment Name

Support to the Albanian Ministry of European Integration



Total Value

Small (< EUR 100K)




In view of Albania having been invited to prepare for discussions and negotiation for its accession to the European Union the respective Albanian administrative staff required to be trained on various aspects of the respective Questionnaire. The objective of the assignment was to provide training for senior level officials and civil servants of the Ministry of European Integration (MEI) and relevant line Ministries involved in the process of answering the Questionnaire provided by the EU. The assignment was to focus on the two chapters (21 and 14) regarding transport and transport infrastructure taking into account the recent experience made on this matter in neighbouring Montenegro.

Based on the discussions held during the workshops and the earlier adopted Roadmap for the preparation of the Albanian public administration for the answering the EC Questionnaire, recommendations were prepared for the Government to deal with the matter.

Type of Services Provided

  • Reviewing the Answers provided to the respective chapters by the Government of Montenegro
  • Reviewing the questionnaire submitted to the Government of Albania by the EU with regard to transport and transport infrastructure
  • Developing a concept to address these issues with the target audience
  • Elaborating a Power Point Presentation “on the Preparation of the Public Administration of Albania for the EC Questionnaire Chapter 21 & chapter 14”
  • Preparing and delivering a training program for the administration of Albania to understand the questions, the functioning of regulated transport markets, and to deal with developing their own strategy for answering the questions