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[Central Asia] – Study on Cooperation on the Syr Darya River

Assignment Name

Study on Cooperation on the Syr Darya River

Donor / Source of Funding

World Bank


World Bank


World Bank

Total Value

Small (< EUR 100K)


2011 - 2012




As part of a series of case studies initiated and funded by The World Bank, the Study on Cooperation on the Syr Darya River in general aims to improve the regional water cooperation in Central Asia, particularly in the Aral Sea basin. The World Bank considers, in close cooperation with the other international funding agencies, the regional organisations (EC IFAS, ICWC and ICSD) and governments of the Central Asian region, to use the analysis and recommendations for the development of an improved cooperation between the riparians with the ultimate aim to make better use of existing water resources and thereby improve the living conditions of the people in the Aral Sea region.

The focus of the analytical effort in the Study is to identify, inventory, and categorize the risks as perceived by the countries as they contemplate engaging in regional cooperation over international waters (IW). The output of the study is a systematic analysis of perceived risks from a national perspective.

Further topics are:

  • Understanding of regional, bi- and multilateral activities of the Syr Darya riparians;
  • Identification of root causes of past, present and potential future water use problems;
  • Detection of reasons for success and failure of cooperation attempts, especially in the implementation of 1998 Syr Darya Agreement.
  • Development of risk-reducing, as well as benefit-generating activities in Central Asia.

Type of Services Provided

  • Data collection and overall analysis of the past and the present situation in water resources cooperation in Central Asia;
  • Determining key stakeholders and key co-operators of the Syr Darya case;
  • Assessing internal drivers in the various countries and their impacts on country decisions on (non-)cooperation;
  • General interference on the role of perceived risks and ways to overcome those;
  • Recommendations for external actor’s strategies to mitigate or reduce risks;
  • Specific proposals for future actions in the Syr Darya Basin (reform of IFAS, new approaches with regard to water conventions and agreements).