Indecon Consulting

[Montenegro] – Privatisation Advisory / Maritime Transportation


  • indecon (lead)
  • SIDC, Ireland (member)
  • Drewry, UK (member)


The objective of this project financed by the EU CARDS Programme was to foster and re-activate the Montenegrin economy by establishing a competitive and self-reliant port sector. For this purpose the legal, institutional and regulatory framework needed adjustments amongst other for its harmonization with European legislation and international best practice. The project focused on the Port of Bar, the country’s largest international port.

Type of Services Provided

  • Drafting the primary (Law on Ports) and secondary legislation necessary for establishing a Port Authority and regulating the transformed port sector in line with European legislation and in accordance with international best practice. One of the main features of the Law on Ports was the introduction of the Land-Lord-Port-Model and the concessioning of the port operation. The Law on Ports was approved by Parliament in 2008;
  • Harmonising the draft Law on Ports with the draft Law on Concession and other relevant Laws (Property, Public Procurement, PPP) for the envisaged concession of the port operation;
  • Establishing a Port Authority, training its envisaged management for their duties;
  • Drafting a Development Strategy for the port sector including a specific privatisation strategy for the concession of port operations;
  • Assessment of the application of corporate governance policies at the state owned port operator (PoB);
  • Restructuring of Port of Bar aiming its preparedness for the concession of operations;
  • Identifying and attracting international investors to the Montenegrin port sector;
  • Drafting the concession agreement for the port operation;
  • Conducting a survey among enterprises (SME) operating in the Port Free Zone of Port of Bar with regard to challenges on the business environment, export activities, taxation, and access to skilled labour as well as assessing the relevant policy framework;
  • Drafting a Development Strategy for the Port Free Zone including policy recommendations to overcome the identified challenges.