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[Namibia] – Corporate Governance / Portfolio Management / State-Owned Enterprises

Assignment Name

Support to the Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) on portfolio management of enterprises with state participation



Total Value

Small (< EUR 100K)




Namibia has around 100 large state-owned enterprises (SOE) which are managed in a decentralised manner by the line ministries. The legal framework and the regulations governing SOEs are very diverse and implemented differently by each line ministry. The accumulated deficits forced the government to take action.

The government of Namibia established the Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) in 2015 to address the need for a harmonised and standardised portfolio management. The MPE requires support to fulfill their tasks. Following a request from the MPE, workshops and seminars on international experiences were delivered for CEOs, supervisory board members, and staff and management of the ministry.

Type of Services Provided

  • Needs assessment at the Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) regarding legal framework ruling enterprises with state representation and portfolio management
  • Delivery of workshops/seminars:
    • Transition from a planned to a market economy:
      • Economic and privatisation policy in former West Germany
      • Economic and privatisation policy in former East Germany
      • The German "Treuhandanstalt" - legal and institutional framework
      • Privatisation by the Treuhandanstalt - detailed experience and lessons learned
    • Privatisation experience in Eastern Europe:
      • Economic and financial policy
      • Privatisation methods and sequence
      • Special cases of privatisation
      • Summary of privatisation experiences
    • Basic concepts of corporate governance:
      • Legal framework and rules for enterprise management
      • Basic features of corporate governance in Nambia
      • Introduction to general standards of corporate governance
      • OECD corporate governance principles and guidelines
      • Mechanisms for implementation
      • Legal framework and features of limited liability companies in Germany and other countries
  • ...