Indecon Consulting

[Serbia] – Privatisation and Compliance Monitoring

Assignment Name

Assistance to the Serbian Privatisation Agency in strengthening its compliance monitoring capacity




  • indecon (lead)
  • Clyde & Co (member)
  • Clyde d.o.o. (member)


The task consisted in strengthening the capacity of the Privatisation Agency for compliance monitoring of Sales Purchase Agreements (SPAs), which were concluded in the context of SME privatisation. The project included a strong component of institution building and developing administrative procedures, since it provided for defining and systematising the interaction of different governmental and administrative bodies.

Type of Services Provided

  • Monitoring the legal, commercial, financial and social aspects of 300 concluded Sales Purchase Agreements (SPAs) for privatised SMEs;
  • Improving the existing monitoring methodology and drafting a procedural handbook for the monitoring exercise;
  • Surveying the economic situation of the privatised enterprises on their post-privatisation performance; and
  • Assessing whether the buyer’s obligations are fulfilled, and which consequences are appropriate in case of non-fulfillment.