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[Uzbekistan] – Corporate Governance workshop

Total Value

Small (< EUR 100K)




The objective of the project was to provide senior management of state owned enterprises from Uzbekistan with a detailed overview and insight on:

  • International Concepts of Corporate Governance
  • Enhancing Competitiveness of State Owned Enterprises, and
  • Separating Management Functions from Public Administration

In the context of the seminar detailed information on international trends and structure of large infrastructure enterprises, including amongst other Uzbek Railway was to be conveyed to be followed by discussions on the respective situation encountered in Uzbekistan as well as ways to its reform.

Type of Services Provided

Preparation and delivery of presentations for a full day workshop covering amongst other:

  • the origins of corporate governance, in particular with regard to the railway sector, main concepts of the OECD corporate governance guidelines and the respective debate;
  • the need to increase effectiveness of state owned enterprises, the understanding and definition of state owned enterprises, particular legal forms of state enterprises, the scope of activities of state owned enterprises and exposing them to competition;
  • the need to separate management functions from public administration, objectives of regulation (in particular in the railways and power sector), historic development of regulation and securing independence of state owned enterprises.