Indecon Consulting

[Uzbekistan] – Institutional Development / Rail Transportation

Assignment Name

Preparation of logistic, marketing strategy and institutional development of the company



Donor / Source of Funding

World Bank


Uzbekistan Railways


  • indecon (lead)
  • ETC (member)


Support to Uzbekistan Railways (JSC Uzbekiston Temir Yullari “UTY”) in developing a strategy to address the market implications and thereby maximize benefits from their investments in the construction of the electrified Pap-Angren railway line meant to provide for a reliable connection between the Fergana valley and the rest of the country. To pursue break-even financial performance UTY needed to explore ways of how to increase its competitiveness in order to attract additional customer groups and cargo. The consultant provided consultancy services regarding logistics/supply chain management, the analysis of current and future transport demand, a Marketing Strategy including support to establish a Lead Marketing Unit as well as financial management.

The assignment comprised the following components:

  • Development of supply chain case studies encompassing agriculture, selected manufactures of higher value productions and agri-business;
  • Development of a logistics study, including reviewing the readiness of plans of UTY to ensure effective operations of the railway line, reviewing the existing marketing procedures and IT systems at UTY and establishing a framework and timeframe for a modernized System, identifying existing collecting/centralization points as part of the supply chain analysis, reviewing the existing traffic forecasts and intermodal plans, existing and future physical capacity and organizations at terminals, stations and along the line, including assessing areas for potential private sector participation in developing intermodal terminals;
  • Formulating recommendations in the form of a logistic plan;
  • Delivering training in asset management, financial management and FIDIC contract management in the form of 3 workshops of several days duration each in the respective Areas;
  • Development of a marketing strategy, including support to establish a lead marketing unit at UTY, including proposals to streamline marketing procedures and functions as well as providing guidance on diagnostic on tariff setting in synergy with the financial specialists.

Type of Services Provided

  • Overall project management and coordination;
  • Desk research;
  • Design, planning and delivering of Trainings measures (seminars) on asset managemnt, financial management and FIDIC contract management;
  • Capacity building;
  • Backstopping;
  • Reporting;