Indecon Consulting

Public Administration Reform

A well-functioning public administration is a precondition for the effective and efficient fulfilment of the state´s principal duties: the distribution of resources and the provision of basic services for its citizens. Public administration reforms in general aim to create good governance by developing a non-bureaucratic civil service, by improving service delivery and by enhancing public management (including personnel management).

Our assistance in this field comprises institution building (organisational charts, work-flows, job descriptions) and capacity development (training needs assessment, development and implementation of training programmes, and training the trainers).

The services we offer include:

Designing and implementing IT-based management information systems for monitoring government decisions and their enforcement
Developing institutional and technical capacities in steering, coordinating and monitoring the policy-making process
Ensuring effective communication and horizontal coordination between ministries, government agencies and other administrative bodies
Developing and implementing remuneration structures
Implementing income and expenditure control systems
Introducing performance-related personnel development
The process of developing administrative capacity is complex since it embraces a variety of issues that are multifaceted in themselves:

An appropriate legal framework is decisive for the effective functioning of administrative bodies. We offer:
Assessment of legal frameworks
Development of recommendations for legal reforms
Support in drafting new laws

Efficient and transparent structures are of key importance for development-oriented activities of each government. In line with international best practice, we support administrative bodies in establishing adequate structures to manage public finances and to ensure the necessary accountability and transparency.

Corruption is aserious obstacle to economic and social development. By distorting the rule of law and weakening the institutional foundations on which economic growth depends, corruption jeopardises the citizens´ trust in public service. We support public bodies in their efforts to:
Increase political accountability
Establish institutional restraints on power
Create a competitive private sector
Improve management in public administration